Dit is New York

Local Travel Guide- New York City Like a Local

Experience New York City the local way with this insider's guide New York City's got it all: soaring skyscrapers, world-class food joints, plus a park to beat all parks. But what's beyond the well-trodden sights? Off-broadway theatres putting on quirky productions, old Ukrainian diners serving up family recipes, and speakeasies hosting secret parties, that's what. There's so much more to NYC than the Met and Statue of Liberty - and who better to show you around than the locals? This gorgeous insider's guide is packed with recommendations from New Yorkers in the know, helping you to discover all their favourite hangouts and hidden haunts. Of course, with a city as iconic as NYC we could fill the pages of this book tenfold. Rather, New York City Like a Local offers a snapshot of local life, and it's yours for the taking. Whether you're a New Yorker looking to uncover your city's secrets or a traveller seeking an authentic experience beyond the tourist track, this stylish guide makes sure you experience the real side of New York City.

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